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★★★ His Majesty Kimbi Elvis Kah Abdourahman Imran 👑 opens the doors of his chieftaincy to the team from First Digital Media.

His Majesty Kimbi Elvis Kah Abdourahman Imran, Leader of the Muslim Community of Lendi in Douala 5th, welcomed the team from First Digital Media into his chieftaincy on Saturday, February 10th. This meeting, greeted with honors, marked the beginning of a fruitful collaboration between His Majesty Imran and First Digital Media, whose editorial line is dedicated to promoting the Muslim religion and African cultures.

Monsieur Mouhamadou Lamine Yaro, founder of First Digital Media accompanied by El Hadj Ousmane Youssouf and the technical staff, presented his media and the projects aimed at supporting Islam and Sahelian culture, as well as the actors contributing to the development of the community to His Majesty Imran. Following this presentation, the team from First Digital Media offered His Majesty a symbolic gift, thus marking the beginning of a fruitful collaboration.

In his speech, His Majesty Kimbi Elvis Kah Abdourahman Imran praised the actions of First Digital Media in favor of educating communities, youth, and for their professionalism in news reporting. He committed to supporting this noble project and actively participating in it.

The discussion between the two parties highlighted the remarkable work carried out by His Majesty Kimbi Imran within his community, particularly through the construction of an important mosque visited by the First Digital Media team. Future projects, such as establishing a Quranic school and other initiatives for the community, were also discussed.

Furthermore, this meeting revealed the entrepreneurial dynamism of His Majesty Imran, employing over 500 people in various sectors such as agriculture, real estate, and automobile dealership, among others. This promising collaboration between First Digital Media and His Majesty Kimbi Imran promises to bring about wonderful initiatives.

In parallel, on this memorable day, the association "Femmes Solidaires" paid a visit to His Majesty and his wife at the chieftaincy. This visit concluded in a spirit of brotherhood, showing respect and admiration for the legendary generosity of His Majesty Imran. His humble and significant contribution to the association, as well as the commitment of his wife, testify to their deep attachment to the community.

A prayer and a family photo concluded this moment filled with exchanges and emotions, suggesting future fruitful collaborations for the promotion of Muslim culture and religion.

Oumar Farouk for First Digital Media


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