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GAZ Group will demonstrate integrated transport solutions at the Russia-Africa Economic Forum

GAZ Group, Russia’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturer, will take part in the Russia-Africa Economic Forum. The corporation will hold a presentation about its integrated transport solutions for African countries in the course of the session “Transport Infrastructure on the African Continent” and demonstrate its wide lineup to participants of the forum. Heads of African states, representatives of the Russian, African and global business community, public agencies as well as associations for integration on the African Continent will participate in the forum. The forum will be held on 23-24 October in the Sirius Park of Sochi.

GAZ Group demonstrates its vehicle lineup comprising light and medium-duty commercial vehicles and buses of various classes at the Russia-Africa Economic Forum. The expo vehicles include a GAZelle Next minibus with a gross vehicle weight of 4.6t, a GAZon Next 8.7 medium-duty vehicle of the new generation, a Sadko Next RHD truck, a low-floor LiAZ-5293 bus, a Vector Next bus, a GAZelle Business 4х4 vehicle with excellent cross-country capability, and a Sobol 4х4 off-roader. GAZ vehicles are available in the hot climate configuration comprising a more powerful cooling for stable engine operation at a high temperature.

Furthermore, with the support of the Roscongress Foundation the corporation will hold a presentation about its integrated transport solutions for African countries in the course of the forum session “Transport Infrastructure on the African Continent” (at 14:30 on 23 October).

Leonid Dolgov, Global Business Development Director, GAZ Group:

- We intend to demonstrate our key export products to delegations representing the states of the African Continent, which is one of our target export destinations. GAZ Group products are undemanding, may run on any fuel available, are fit for operation in any climatic zones under a critical temperature, on challenging roads and at continuously high loads. We adapt each product for specific operating conditions and are ready to offer customized solutions for urban transport renewal, municipal service development, and SMB in Africa.

GAZ Group exports its products to over 40 countries through developing its sales to the key regions - Africa, Latin America, Middle East, Europe and Asia. The diverse model range allows choosing a new bus based on passenger traffic, route length, terrain and road surface specifics. The excellent off-road capability and suitability to heavy-duty operation in difficult road conditions allow using the vehicles in a wide variety of terrains, in areas with underdeveloped infrastructure and in various climatic zones.

GAZ Group products demonstrated at the Russia-Africa Forum

The low-floor bus LiAZ-5293 is intended for urban public transit operations with heavy passenger traffic. The passenger capacity is 114 persons, which makes the bus one of the best in its class in this respect. The bus's low floor level and absence of steps ensure high passenger throughput. The bus is equipped with a YMZ-536 Euro-5 diesel engine. The service life is about 1 million km. Space is provided in the passenger compartment to accommodate low-mobility passengers. The bus features a mechanical wheel-chair ramp. The bus features a system for tilting the bus body towards the doors upon approaching a bus stop, which allows easier passenger entry and exit. It is possible to install a multiplex system, which automatically monitors the engine parameters with a capability of sending this data to a bus depot.

The VECTOR bus is 7.1 m long and can carry up to 43 passengers. The bus is designed for operating on city and intercity routes, as well as a corporate bus. The passenger comfort is ensured with a spacious compartment with panoramic windows, a high headroom (1980 cm), separate air-conditioning systems for passengers and the driver. Maneuverability in narrow city streets is ensured by means of a minimal turning radius of just 8.1 m.

The VECTOR NEXT bus with a total capacity of up to 53 passengers is equipped with a YMZ diesel engine conforming with Euro-5 emission standard (124.2 hp, 600 Nm). Comfortable temperature in the bus is achieved due to separate air-conditioning systems for passengers and the driver. The bus provides a low noise level due to the use of a modern engine and an efficient noise insulation. Comfortable seats with adjustable backs, luggage shelves and a multimedia system ensure passenger comfort. This model can be equipped with an electronic route indicator, a ticker bar with information about the route, a stop announcer, a video surveillance system, etc. The bus is equipped with comprehensive safety systems that facilitate operation in difficult road and climatic conditions.

The GAZelle NEXT minibus with a GVW of 4.6 tons is designed to carry 22 passengers (including 14 seat places). The model features a Spicer rear axle with a higher load rating and a braking system with disc brakes on all wheels. The spacious passenger compartment with high (190 cm) headroom and panoramic windows provides passenger comfort and the sliding door with high door opening combined with a retractable footboard ensures easy entry and exit. Three heaters and an air conditioner ensure optimal climate in the cabin under any weather conditions. Increased rigidity of the body and crumple zones of reinforced elements of the vehicle ensure safety of passengers and the driver.

The GAZelle NEXT in the thermal-insulated van version is designed for foodstuff transportation. The vehicle can be fitted with different types of refrigeration equipment, which allow maintaining temperatures from -20 to +12 оС. The front independent suspension with two cross-bars ensures smooth ride and excellent handling. The frame design ensures durability in case of heavy-duty operation and allows installing more than 300 superstructure options.

The SADKO NEXT off-road truck is presented in the RHD version and is equipped with a highly elastic YMZ-534 diesel engine, which provides high torque when driving at a minimum speed. The vehicle combines the excellent off-road capabilities: the good body geometry for off-road performance, the high ground clearance, the step-down gear and locking differentials of the front and rear axles, the tire inflation system with modern engineering solutions – an integrated steering, a pneumatic braking system, a new front suspension with thin leaf springs, a transfer case with an electric drive, etc.

GAZelle BUSINESS 4x4 and SOBOL 4x4 off-roaders are packed with a part-time 4WD system: you can drive easily on paved and unpaved roads with the rear drive only with less noise, vibrations and fuel consumption. Once you need to drive in sand or in mud you can switch on the 4WD while in extreme off road conditions you can rely on the step-down gear and the locking rear axle differential. Both vehicles have got a framework design, a high clearance and long suspension travels to drive easily in difficult terrain. The showcased GAZelle Business 4x4 van is an ambulance. It comes with enhanced thermal and noise insulation, non-slip flooring with sealed seams and side panels covered by composite. The vehicle also features exterior lights to light up the area around the vehicle, 12V and 220V sockets, an oxygen system and a gurney.

GAZon NEXT 8.7 is a next-generation medium-duty truck operating intercity and locally. It has a payload of 5 t, and a gross weight of 8.7 t. The truck comes with pneumatic disc brakes on all wheels delivering best performance. The integral steering system offers excellent steering control and response with a reduced load to be applied to the steering wheel. The front suspension has longer springs, hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers and an stabilizer bar for smooth rides and excellent road stability when driving at high speeds. Superstructures can be easily installed on a GAZon NEXT chassis to convert it into various specialty vehicles, including a dump truck, a multi-purpose road vehicle, a food and fuel tank truck, a mobile repair shop and a reach stacker. The truck comes packed with a YaMZ-534 170 h.p. engine with the torque of up to 662 Nm. The showcased GAZon NEXT is an agricultural dump truck. It can take up to 11.5 cubic meters of cargo with its high put-on sides. It can be really good and useful with low-density cargo, like organic fertilizers, compound feed, solid waste. etc.

AD100 Diesel Generator Set (Yaroslavl Motor Plant) features a YaMZ-238 diesel engine and is designed to be used as a primary or reserve power source. The list of main customers includes hospitals, municipal organizations, telecom facilities as well as any other facilities with unacceptable risks of power failures. Its key advantages are quick starting even at maximum loads, safe use in extreme weather conditions with a wide temperature range, and no demand for high quality fuel. Besides it is not noisy, below 85 dB, and maintenance friendly, while the consumables and spare parts are cost-friendly. The DGU has a 200 l fuel tank, with the fuel consumption of 19 l/hour. It dry weight is 2,120 kg max.

GAZ Group is a leading Russian manufacturer of commercial vehicles. It produces light commercial vehicles, buses, trucks, powertrains and automotive components. The company supplies automotive equipment for various types of business, industry, freight and passenger transportation, utilities, medical and school facilities. The company is a sales leader on the Russian market in the segments of light commercial vehicles, medium trucks and buses and exports products to 40 countries all over the world. GAZ Group products are equipped with engines running on gasoline, diesel, gas or electricity. The company includes its own engineering center, full-cycle production in Russia, as well as assembly sites in Turkey and Kazakhstan. The headquarters is located in Nizhny Novgorod.

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