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TPLF is desperate and they are asking feltman to negotiate for them but Ethiopians want to finish

The military attack of the TPLF against the Northen command of the Ethiopian forces where the home of close to 80% of the Ethiopian largest and highly sophisticated weaponry was overtaken by the TPLF is close to a year.

The TPLF responsible for the expansion of its military incursion to its neighbors to the south and East consisting the Amhara and Afar respectively has culminated last week by occupying two important towns of the Amhara region including Dessie and the industrial hub of north central Ethiopia Combolcha. This may have been a major triumph for the TPLF and (as the overwhelming majority of Ethiopian people believe) their supporters of the western world. However, just a week from the day the TPLF announced the capture of the two towns, the world is slowly but surely coming to grips whether by design or pure luck the TPLF might have entered in a trap it can’t save itself. The Amharas and Afar population of close to 30 million and the support of basically the entire remaining population of the country are encircling the TPLF forces by essentially cutting off all transportation routes from every direction that connect the towns of Dessie and Kombolcha. The entire Amharas and Afar population especially those who reside in the countryside have been the victims of the savage-harrowing treatment including, wonton killings of so called suspected enemies and their animals, raping their girls and women, ransacking cash of every bank they occupy, taking medicines and medical equipments from hospitals and clinics and transporting it to Tigray, likewise collecting, organizing and transporting to Tigray anything judged to be of value from hundreds of schools, government agencies and private enterprises. Everything of value to the Amharas and Afars was ransacked and those consumables and capital goods than cannot be transported to Tigray were destroyed. Now a huge majority of the Ethiopian population who are mad with the TPLF and especially the Amharas and Afars are on their way to Dessie and Combolcha in the millions with vengeance to trap the TPLF and their accomplices and destroy them. The sad state of affairs is in all the last 100 years the American administrations were very careful and in bad and good times all US administrations democratic or Republican have kept the good friendship and alliance with all Ethiopian governments. The Common Ethiopian now believes that the west cannot be trusted any more as an ally, in fact they believe that the west is responsible for breeding and enabling the TPLF to keep Ethiopia poor and always dependent on the west for hand outs. Ethiopians and Eritreans believe that American patriotism cease to exist some years ago especially during the administration of Obama and Biden, because American policies are crafted by few men and women who have little allegiances to American well being, progress and world leadership. Instead American policies towards Africa are based on personal friendships with specific interests of individuals. A case in point is one does not have to study how American policies in Africa engineered. All what one needs to do is to go to the main administration apparatus including the state departments and related government agencies and see how many Tigreyans who are ardent supporters of TPLF and learn how the TPLF during its quarter of century rule of Ethiopia was able painstakingly created friendships with highly influential Americans through all means and was able to insert its own people in key positions of the American administration to benefit the TPLF.

To get back to the TPLF’s trap in the towns of Dessie and Combolcha, it looks like the TPLF’s fate is in a very tenuous and cumbersome position. Even though the Abey administration is very popular in Ethiopia, the fate of the TPLF is in the hands of the Amhara and Afar troops. The TPLF is in no position to negotiate as equals with the government of Ethiopia. It seems a third party like the west should be involved to negotiate with the Ethiopian government on behalf of the TPLF for the TPLF to lay down its arms and find a willing country or countries that accept the TPLF leaders to immigrate safely and live freely. The besieged TPLF and it’s rag tag troops are in the hands of the Amharas and Afars and Abey should be willing to convince the Amharas and Afars to let the TPLF out of its trap in which the Amharas and Afars have the upper hand and are in a position to call the shots.

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