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Sport - Arab Boxing: FIBA outlines Yemen tournament

As preparations continue for the International Arab Boxing Tournament to be held on November 25 in the Yemeni city of Aden, FIBA and the Yemeni Ministry of Youth and Sports are shedding more light on the competition. Indeed, the discipline's governing body and the authorities of the host country held a press conference in Cairo, Egypt, to provide the latest information on the organization of this major event.

An enthusiastic Khalid Mohsen Al-Khulaifi, undersecretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, accompanied by SALEM AL-SAYARI, General Manager of SMA5, sponsor and organizer of the tournament, introduced themselves to the media. Conveying greetings from the Minister of Sports, Nayf Saleh Al-Bakri, and the Governor of Aden, Ahmad Hamid Lamlas, Al-Khulaifi emphasized that the International Arab Boxing Federation was delighted to announce the tournament from Egypt, given its major media and cultural influence, which would help to promote the tournament and make it known worldwide. The conference also provided an opportunity for the organizers to present the current preparations for the Arab Professional Boxing World Championship. Details of weight categories, tournament rules and the various fights scheduled were shared with conference participants.

Discussions were also held on the infrastructure required to host the tournament in Aden, as well as the safety measures and health protocols to be put in place in the context of the COVID -19 Pandemic. The cooperation between the International Arab Boxing Federation and the Yemeni Ministry of Youth and Sports was praised, as it guarantees the success of this large-scale sporting event.

The working session was also well attended. Many ministers, ambassadors and members of the Egyptian House of Representatives, as well as Egyptian and Yemeni media and journalists, to the satisfaction of HOSSAM ABDULLAH AL ATTIYA, Vice - President of the International Arab Boxing Federation for Media Affairs and official spokesman for the tournament.

To say the least, the World Arab Professional Boxing Championship in Aden is already generating great anticipation both locally and regionally. The tournament will showcase the skills of Arab boxers and provide an opportunity to promote boxing as a growing sport and discipline. Preparations are actively underway to ensure that the event is a success and memorable one for all participants and spectators alike.

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