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Energy sector: Houston to accelerate engagement in Africa’s emerging energy markets

Stakeholders in the energy sector have taken the commitment to push for investment in Africa’s energy sector during the first Houston-Africa Energy summit held in Houston from September 22 to 23, 2022.

Bringing together hydrocarbons ministers from Central African countries ; participants raised concerns, opportunities, and potential tangible outcomes to lure Houston area companies to better support Africa’s energy development in a 50/50 win-win partnership.

Discussions during panel discussions focused on how to embrace opportunities on the call for tender related to thirty oil blocks and three gas blocks launched last July.

The Houston summit has been an opportunity for African oil investors to voice their concerns on the need for equal opportunities in the energy sector. A call welcomed by Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner who said ‘’As we are the energy world capital, we are leading the way in all aspects of the energy industry for the benefit of all African countries.’’

He further reiterated that the objective of the summit was to help build relationships and partnerships between African countries and some of the world’s leading energy companies who rely on Houston to make a real investment in Africa's energy sector.

Africa needs all forms of energy to speed up development in the continent. Leaders unanimously agreed that oil, gas and other forms of energy are necessary. Speaking during the event the CEO of KOSMOS energy Andrew G. Inglis, said carbon emissions from Africa are quite low while the representative of the African Union reemphasised that ‘’Africa needs oil and gas to power its industrialisation’’

Equatorial Guinea's Minister Of Hydrocarbons Gabriel Obiang Lima used the networking opportunity to push his agenda of fossil fuels for energy security in Africa. Just few months back he said the fossil fuel option will be necessary before a transition to greener and less poluting sources of energy in Africa.

The chairwoman of the Central Africa Business Energy Forum(CABEF) Nathalie Lum shared her expertise and mastery of the energy business environment in the CEMAC sub region with experts as well as CABEF’S readiness to accompany potential investors in complex projects in different terrains.

CABEF has been quite pushful in the exchange of views on strategic, policy and practical cooperation initiatives needed to advance the energy sector of the sub-region.

Several participants took part at the two-day event including the president of the Republic of Niger as well as the sectorial representatives of Botswana, Burundi, the Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Equatorial Guinea, the Gambia, Ghana, Madagascar, Malawi, Namibia, Niger, Senegal, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe and the DR Congo.


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