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Demonstration of the Ethiopian and Eritrean Community in Washington to denounce the interference

Since the beginning of the military crisis triggered by the TPLF terrorists, International news outlets especially in the USA have taken almost a centre stage in disseminatimg false information and propaganda. Analysts suggest the move is aimed at justifying the US interference in Ethiopia.

Sources inside the State Department confirm that a widely circulated report in recent days on the situation in the Ethiopian region in Tigray was commissioned by CNN to justify the American position in favor of intervention to save what remains of the Tigray terrorist organization.

An earlier findings had revealed that large sums embezzled by the leaders of this Tigrayan terrorist organization when it was in power in Ethiopia would be used to convince Republican and Democratic members of Congress to take a stand against the Ethiopian government

under the pretext of a serious humanitarian crisis which would justify direct intervention in the country. 

#Iraq has taught us that in order to prepare for an intervention, we are ready to fabricate evidence and denounce massacres and serious human rights violations to prepare public opinion#

Our source inside the State Department further disclosed that in the case of Ethiopia, the US began by accusing the Eritrean troops for many months of massacres and when the Ethiopian Commission of Inquiry established that Eritrea had nothing to do with these acts which had in fact been greatly exaggerated, it switched to accusing Eritrean and Ethiopian troops of preventing the delivery of food aid to the poor populations of Tigray. 

#No one is blocking humanitarian aid. The information is false and comes from TPLF terrorists#

Analysts establish that the purpose of this false information is aimed at trying to dislodge the noble and transparent Eritrean and Ethiopian military and police stationed in the regions to prevent further attacks from TPLF terrorists. 

This new deceptive international campaign is contradicted by the enormous solidarity effort of the Ethiopian government and the people of Ethiopian. Since the beginning of the military crisis triggered by the TPLF terrorists, Ethiopian government has put in place important logistics to support the displaced population with a large distribution of humanitarian aid.  This is unlike international organizations which shine through their media presence without any concrete support.

Observers disclose that the disinformation that Ethiopian and Eritrean troops prevent aid distribution aspires to make international public opinion believe that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, Nobel Peace Prize winner considered a Messiah for the majority of its population is a Pol Pot who wants to starve its population.

Many have discribed the disinformation as "criminal and an insult to the intelligence of the people of Ethiopia".

Is Susan Rice planning a coup in Ethiopia?

Ethiopians now understand that Susan Rice / Blinken administration's efforts to discredit Abiy are aimed at preparing for a coup or a succession favorable to TPLF terrorists. In fact, some observers see Washington's hand behind the decision to postpone

the elections by the Ethiopian Election Commission which were initially scheduled for June 6, despite the proclamations.

The several revelation has left many wondering if truly Washington is currently working for peace and stability in the Horn of Africa

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