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GAZ has launched production of new Sadko NEXT modifications

May 2020, Gorky Automobile Plant (GAZ), Russia’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturer, has launched production of new Sadko NEXT modifications: with a long wheelbase and a 7-seat double cabin.

Gorky Automobile Plant in Nizhny Novgorod has started production of two new modifications of its Sadko NEXT off-road truck: one with a longer wheelbase (С41А43) and the other with a double cabin (С42А43).

While the standard modification can carry 3 people, including the driver, the new modification of Sadko NEXT C42A43 is for 6 passengers and a driver. This cargo passenger version comes with a double cabin with 7 seats. The rear seats in the standard version are folding and go down into a bed. The driver and the members of the crew can put their personal belongings to an extra box under the seats.

There is also a new single-cabin version with a longer wheelbase (4515 mm instead of 3770) making the truck longer, from 6530 mm to 7290 mm.

The chassis carrying capacity is up to 2.95 t (long wheelbase, single cabin) or up to 2.77 t (long wheelbase, double cabin). The new extended frame is designed and made in-house delivering its durability and reliability.

Leonid Dolgov, Global Business Development Director, GAZ:

- We always try to respond to our customer requests and design the products which meet the needs of each and every market. The new Sadko NEXT modifications make our export product offers really attractive. With the new double cabin the truck can be used in various businesses, farming and agriculture, social and municipal operations. This year we’ll start exporting our new Sadko NEXT with a 7-seat cabin in addition to the single-cabin version launched last year.

Now with new modifications of Sadko NEXT available there can be much more specialty vehicles designed. The longer wheelbase with the same carrying capacity means that there can be large superstructures (like crane manipulators, lifts, maintenance and repair equipment) installed on the cargo platform while keeping enough space to take some cargo. Among the most popular specialty vehicles there are bus trucks, dump trucks, mobile repair trucks, fire trucks, tower trucks and cranes. The possibility of using a power take-off both on the gearbox and on the transfer case allows installing a winch and a large number of special superstructures at the same time.

The Sadko Next is a new generation of GAZ medium-duty trucks. The vehicle has retained the awesome off-road performance of its predecessors: a good body geometry for off-road performance, a high ground clearance, a step-down gear and locking differentials of the front and rear axles; a tire inflation system.

The new Sadko comes with a big and comfortable NEXT cabin which comes standard with an air-suspended anatomical driver seat. Now the vehicle capable of towing a trailer with a gross weight of up to 2.56 tons. A highly flexible YaMZ-534 diesel engine allows producing a high torque while crawling at a minimum speed. The engine’s maximum power output increased to 149 hp, the maximum torque - to 490 Nm.

The integrated steering together with a new front suspension with thin leaf springs provides good handling, smooth ride and stability. The fully pneumatic brake system ensures efficient braking requiring a little force on the brake pedal. Thanks to the ability of supplying air with a compressor the system remains operational even with small leaks present. The air can be used for various superstructures, to inflate tires and for connecting the braking system of a trailer.

A reinforced frame made of high-strength steel, a new driveline, wheels with upgraded disks and new tires with higher load rating, axles with new steering knuckles allowed increasing the vehicle's payload capacity while retaining high reliability and durability of the design as a whole.

The list of options includes an additional 95-l fuel tank, a winch, a snorkel, an additional heater and an AC system. A spring-mounted driver seat (adjustable depending on weight), power windows and heated mirrors are standard.

GAZ (Gorky Automobile Plant) is Russia’s leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles that supplies its products to Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Europe, and Asia. GAZ produces light and medium-duty commercial vehicles with over 300 types of special vehicles built on their platform. The vehicles are designed for small and medium business, various industries, utilities, agricultural companies, medical institutions, and schools. The company is number one in the sales rating in Russia: its share in the light-commercial vehicle section exceeds 50%, and that in the medium-duty trucks is estimated to be about 70%. GAZ has an in-house engineering centre and over 20 hi-tech production facilities. 583 industrial robots are involved in the assembly of GAZ vehicles in Nizhny Novgorod. The level of automation of the key areas amounts to 85%. The GAZ headquarters located in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

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