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L'Etoile modern bilingual complex, a Hub of excellence and innovation, organizes on Saturday February 08, 2020 from 8:30 am within its campus at Logpom in the city of Douala, the very first special day of academic and professional orientation for students of première, Terminale, Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth.

More than 40 professional schools, like IUC, IUG, IUGET, INSTAP, CAMPUS France, CANADIAN COLLEGE, and ESPRIT the greatest Tunisian school of engineering will be part of the event.

More than 4000 students and more than 1000 parents are expected. Besides, close to 15 companies among which SOCIETE GENERALE, AXA Assurances Cameroon and AFRILAND FIRST BANK will present to help learners to better determine their future professional career.

Parents, students you are expected in great number, because a good orientation is the key to success in your future professional life.

Choosing l'Etoile Bilingual Complex is a guarantee to success.

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