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Congo Brazzaville / PIDA : journalists should use artificial intelligence for more impact

The use of artificial intelligence by the media for greater impact was the subject of the exchanges on this second day of training for PIDA journalists.

If online journalism has any advantage, it is its responsiveness. Thanks to this tool, the media people of the PIDA network should be able to work on a just-in-time basis and process information as soon as it is available. Thus, journalism in Africa must adapt by developing new techniques, new methods and new ways of looking at readers' expectations.

The omnipresence of social networks should influence the profession of journalist in a variety of ways. The press draws on the richness of communities that are always connected and responsive. While Twitter is a sharing and communication tool, it also allows journalists to find information because it is often more direct, more local and faster than any journalist in the field. And while social networks play a multifaceted role in sharing and creating content, the online personality of journalists is gaining in importance. Twitter, blogs, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp accounts... Just share the link to the article you are writing on these networks. By forging their presence on the Internet, their information will have more impact and reach more people. Journalists should also be closer to their audience by setting up an algorithm that answers their questions and concerns. The objective is to get feedback on how the information is consumed.

Thanks to new technologies, the virtual journalist is as important as on paper, since nowadays, access to the Internet is no longer limited and can be accessed from computers but also by mobile phone, which is a considerable advantage : they target a wider audience.

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