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Nairobi / 15th pp of the PDDAAA: ministerial session on the transformation of agriculture in Africa

"Improving trade and market access to accelerate agricultural transformation" was the theme of the first high-level ministerial forum under CAADP PP.

The Ministers of Agriculture of Kenya, Burkina Faso, Angola, South Africa and the Deputy Minister of Southern Sudan met on June 13, 2019, under the supervision of the African Union Commissioner for Rural Economy and Agriculture, H.E. Ambassador Josepha Sacko. The purpose of the meeting was to review the state and progress of agricultural transformation, in the spirit of the Malabo Declaration of 2004 by African Heads of State and Government, to strengthen the agricultural sector as an engine of shared prosperity and improved livelihoods.

Ministers from the various countries represented on the panel, among other things, took turns to review the biennial review mechanism and its importance in accelerating the implementation of their National Agriculture Investment Plans (NAIP). They discussed the strategic requirements for the agriculture sector to benefit from the ZLEC (Continental Free Trade Area). They also proposed ways to reposition agricultural programs to increase public and private sector investments.

It is therefore clear from these exchanges that these countries have put in place agricultural programmes in their respective countries to boost the economy. They have created funds to support farmers and, above all, they have invited them to use modernization and scientific tools to increase production. All of them have started processing agricultural products in order to better export and preserve them. It would therefore be necessary to teach people to consume African food. This will therefore help to reposition the programs in this sector. Because African resources, they say, must first be used by Africans themselves. Hence the need for market expansion.

In order to achieve the Malabo objectives supported by African heads of state and government, it would require greater involvement of the private sector, the use of science and technology, adaptation to new conditions favorable to farmers, and smart agriculture that takes climate change into account. One of the important points also addressed by the panel was the need to find a consensus on the development of a flagship programme that will accelerate intra-African trade on the continent.

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