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Russia-Africa Summit: The new world order is underway

The unipolar world is definitely changing. Scheduled for July 28 and 29, 2023 in St. Petersburg, the 2nd Russia-Africa Summit will bring together almost all African countries. Just over 49 African countries have already confirmed their participation in this summit meeting, which inextricably paves the way for a multipolar world. This approach testifies to the continent's "firm commitment" to develop its relations with the Kremlin.

"At that time we received confirmation of participation from 49 African delegations. About half of African countries will be represented at the highest level, by Heads of State and Government, "said Alexandre Poliakov, Deputy of the Department of African Countries at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The partnership between Africa and Russia, which is strengthening over time, is moving the lines, making great changes in the world. "For peace, security and development", this is the slogan adopted for this second edition of the Russia-Africa summit. Several themes, civil nuclear power, space technologies, new logistics routes, food sovereignty will indeed be in the order of trade.

"This is the most important moment because that is when things really change, that the world changes [...]. This means that Russia and Africa must work together, because many elements bring us closer together, "he said at the African Exhibition held on July 18 in Moscow.

Indeed, in recent times, the Russian-African partnership has already acquired an important dynamic and reached a new dimension. Last March, Russian President Vladimir Putin said he gave "priority" to relations with African countries.

"I would like to emphasise that our country has always granted and will continue to give priority to cooperation with African states," Mr. Putin said in Moscow during a speech to African representatives.

Russia had already multiplied initiatives on the African continent in recent years, aimed at setting itself as an alternative to the former colonial powers.

"Our country is determined to continue building a strategic partnership in the full sense of the word with our African friends, and we are ready to shape the global agenda together," continued the Russian President.

Russia is convinced that the African continent will play one of the main roles in the creation of a new world order, the Russian President estimated on March 20, 2023, at the Russia-Africa parliamentary conference held in Moscow. "African states are constantly increasing their weights and roles in the international arena. They manifest themselves with more confidence in politics and the economy. We are certain that Africa will become one of the creative leaders of the multipolar world in training."

For its part, Russia is in favour of the strategic partnership with these states and the joint creation of a world order: "Russia and the countries of Africa defend moral norms and traditional social values for us, facing the imposed neocolonial ideology. Many countries in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East share similar positions. We are all a global majority. I have already said several times that our country is firmly determined to continue to build a strategic partnership with our African friends in the full sense of the word; we are ready to create a world order together, "said Putin.

At the first such summit in 2019, Vladimir Putin was pleased to have "opened a new page" in relations with Africa, a continent from which Russia had largely withdrawn after the fall of the USSR. This meeting saw the presence of representatives of the 54 African countries, including 43 heads of state.


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