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EXCLUSIVE / Republic of Guinea: why the easy success of the nine-fifth September coup?

Professor Alpha Condé, The constitutional President of the Republic of Guinea, from Turkey gives the reasons that lead his former Commander of Special forces, Mamadi Doumbouya, to the coup against him and the institutions !

1 The systematic refusal of President Alpha Condé to have a strong presidential guard and thus ensure the security of the presidency, anyone could walk up to the presidential palace's door. (see Adrien Poussou's book, pages 57 to 61)

2 The President remained in reality as he was, namely the President of FEANF. (see Adrien Poussou's book, page 62)

3 The President's willingness to transfer power to a new generation.

4 The fight against drug traffickers:

• I was going to have the military chiefs arrested because they were protecting the drug barons. These were Colonels Doumbouya, Amara Camara, Bala Samoura, and General Idi Amin.

• I was also going to dismiss the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, General Namory Traoré.

• I was going to dissolve the government, change the Prime Minister, and change two-thirds of the ministers.

I was going to do this on Monday, September 7th, after the departure of the Eritrean delegation who came to prepare for their president's visit.

(see Adrien Poussou's book, pages 74-75 and 82 to 85)

5 With the reforms, mining projects, industrial and agricultural projects, Guinea was expected to become the second-largest economy in West Africa after Nigeria.

By a Pan-African expert

Dr Wassolon Nxumalo Imhotep


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