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Ethiopian Reformist Leader Gives an Austere Response to Joe Biden's Disconcerting Letter.

The reformist leader of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed has given an austere response to a letter addressed by US President Joe Biden, which threatens sanctions on those perpetrating violence and bringing instability to Ethiopia's Tigray region. The letter becomes problematic as it directly points accusing fingers at the Ethiopian government, overlooking the pervasive activities of the Tigray Liberation forces that have hijacked Tigray and its environs, making peace a difficult treasure.

A well-articulated section of PM Abiy's open letter reads: “While the entire world has turned its eyes onto Ethiopia and the Government for all the wrong reasons, it has failed to openly and sternly reprimand the terrorist group in the same manner it has been chastising my Government”. PM Abiy’s statement and the USA’s stance on the situation in Tigray is a clear indication that both nations, who used to be good allies and shared strong cooperation at all levels, especially in the fight against insecurity have turned into foes. After bringing mayhem to Afghanistan, the USA has turned to the Horn of Africa nation of Ethiopia, threatening sanctions on those retarding peace in Tigray. In a letter dated September 17, the incumbent US President Joe Biden underlined; “The Executive Order I signed today establishes a new sanctions regime that will allow us to target those responsible for, or complicit in, prolonging the conflict in Ethiopia, obstructing humanitarian access, or preventing a ceasefire.” It is just one among the numerous threats on Ethiopia, questioning the railing USA foreign policy in Ethiopia. The AU headquarters is knotted in the geopolitical maneuver of the 21st century, which has put the nation’s peace and stability hanging on a balance. The USA has castigated efforts of the Ethiopian government to solve the crisis, which erupted in November 2020, after the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, TPLF attacked an Ethiopian military base, igniting a stern reaction from the government that has to protect any attempt to destabilize the State. The USA has largely barked the TPLF, despite their unruly activities against the central government and the population, threatening more sanctions on the government. The TPLF terrorist group, according to Abiy Ahmed’s open letter has forced children in Tigray to pick guns against the government, yet the USA and other international bodies have failed to openly condemn the group’s activities. The terrorist group rejected a unilateral ceasefire offer from the Abiy Ahmed-led government and has remained insolent. This is where the bone of contention lies as questions remain unanswered as to why the USA would back a terrorist group against a legal and central government. What would the vulnerability of Ethiopia mean for the USA that has lost its military prowess in recent times? Should the world watch and see Ethiopia shattered just like Afghanistan? The restive nature of Tigray, Afar and Amhara has threatened Ethiopia’s peace and stability, derailing the nation’s economic trajectory. The political maneuver to bring disorder and derail Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed‘s sweeping reforms seems to be at its peak. The present unfoldment in Ethiopia’s Tigray region and elsewhere in the country seems to be taking the country to a huge conflagration. The sweeping reforms carried by PM Abiy Ahmed when he came to power in 2018, which seduced the global world have been overshadowed lately by the crisis in the Tigray region. Ethiopia has fallen prey as destabilization looms in a country that seeks to position itself as Africa’s aviation hub. The country is sinking as the Tigray Liberation forces, largely backed by the US have remained defiant. The fragility of Ethiopia’s Northern region has resulted to a Humanitarian crisis, political and economic stagnation. Hundreds of thousands have been displaced and are in dire need of humanitarian help.Though the reformist leader is caught up between a rock and a hard place, as his nation is gearing towards a huge conflagration, he has remained firm and determined not to succumb to international pressure, upholding the sovereignty and integrity of his nation.


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