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Eritrea at the service of the stability of peace in the horn of Africa.

The crisis in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region in recent times may be occupying front pages of news outlets. However, propaganda tactics by TPLF apologist and disinformation has been the order of the day.

To get the facts straights, the crisis in Tigray erupted in late 2020 when the TPLF clique, supported and emboldened for decades by certain powers, launched a massive, preemptive attack on all the contingents of the entire Ethiopia.

As a result, the Eritrean Defense Forces EDF has been at the service of stability and peace in the horn of Africa.

Their intervention has been able to deter further attacks while securing the vulnerable population of the region.

The purpose of this “blitzkrieg” by the TPLF regime was to neutralize Ethiopia’s largest army contingent, confiscate its weaponry (80% of the total arsenal of the DF) and seize power in Ethiopia through violence and subsequently invade Eritrea.

The unprovoked attacked of the TPLF took place during the critical harvest months in the Tigray Region. The timing of the TPLF’s attack demonstrates its callousness particularly in the context of the fact that 1.6 million poor farmers in Tigray have depended since 2009 on humanitarian assistance under the Global Safety Net.

In the statements from OCHA and the US Ambassador to the UN, these facts are glossed over. Instead, we heard false allegations of the “the use of sexual violence and hunger as a weapon”.

The allegations of rape and other crimes lodged against Eritrean soldiers is not just outrageous, but also a vicious attack on the culture and history of the people.

The professionalism exercised during the law enforcement operations in the region has so far been able to thwart the looming threats. Eritrea and Ethiopia have both agreed at the highest levels to embark on the withdrawal of Eritrean forces and the simultaneous redeployment of Ethiopian contingents along the international boundary.

It should be noted that Eritrea avails of this occasion and thanked UNSC member States who have insisted on adherence to established norms in this case too.

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