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Chad presidential: Idriss Déby reelected in the first round with 79.32% of the votes

According to provisoonal results announced Monday evening by the Independent National Electoral Commission, President Idriss Déby Itno has won re-election with 79.32% of the votes and therefore wins his bet to win a sixth term without having to compete in the second round.

A score much might than that obtained in 2016.

Former Prime Minister Albert Pahimi Padacké comes in second with 10.32%. Followed by Lydie Beassemda, the only woman in the running with 3.16% of the votes cast. 

Observers from the African Union and regional organizatios said they found only "a few irregularities", which "are not likely to tarnish the credibility of the ballot".

Elections observers say the elections took place in calm and transparency. The head of state faced a divisive opposition. However, Chadians indeed considered the election to be without stakes, while part of the opposition had called for a boycott, hoping to prevent a re-election of the outgoing president.


It is evident that the Pan-Africanist standpoint of Marshall Idriss Déby Itno is worrying imperialist who are gradually losing grip of the region. Thus, their intentions were to prevent the holding of elections in Chad by sending rebels to attack the offices of the Independent National Electoral Commission (Ceni), but Chadian intelligence had already worked on this. They subsequently arrested all those who were already in Ndjamena with that mission. Then a rebellion was activated from Libya into northern Chad with the mission of marching to the capital in the name of democratic alternation.

The rebels of The Front for Change and Concord in Chad (FACT), announced in a press release on April 17, 2021 that they controlled the whole of "the BET region and are in the process of controlling the Kanem region. "

This Sunday, April 18, the Chadian general staff drew up the provisional assessment of the fighting on Saturday: “More than 200 prisoners, a good hundred vehicles seized, all the equipment of the armed groups destroyed. At the moment, the Chadian army is in contact with the last column . ”

Through the elections of April 11 2021, Chadians have yet demonstrated their support to the Field Marshall of Chad, President Idriss Déby Itno as he relentlessly battles to keep the country and the region at peace. Many believe he is the guarantor of their peace and security at a time when insurgency has become a cankerworm to the development of the sub-region