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Pr Alpha Condé a man of peace & a chantre for sustainable development, host of the Euroafrican Forum

Here's how and why!

The FIEA (Forum International EuroAfricain) brings together and celebrates, through the award of various distinctions, personalities from around the world who have consistently and indisputably excelled in Dialogue between Peoples, Peace and, above all, Sustainable and Inclusive Economic Development.

A scan of the passage of the political star Alpha Condé to the Supreme Magistracy of the Republic of Guinea presents economic, social and political snapshots free of any reproach.

1-With regard to peace and dialogue between peoples.

It is well known throughout the world that Pr Alpha Condé is a Man of Peace and a President who does not like crowds. To promote peace between peoples, you have to be a man of the people. Pr Alpha Condé is such a man, and in the superlative. From Boké, Dubréka, Kindia and Conakry in Lower Guinea to Gueckedou and Macenta in Forest Guinea, via Mamou, Dalaba and Pita in Fouta and Kouroussa, Mandiana, Siguiri and Kankan in Upper Guinea, Pr Alpha Condé has fought for peace between peoples within his country. Outside Guinea's borders, no neighbouring state has ever raised the slightest objection to threats to peace from Guinea! Never! Pr Alpha Condé has always advocated dialogue and lasting peace both between the different ethnic components of Guinea and between neighbouring states themselves. The destabilisation of one of Guinea's neighbouring states has never been the work of the Guinea of Pr Alpha Condé! In this respect, the FIEA experts were right to invite the legitimate President of the Republic of Guinea to this International Forum.

2-) Sustainable and inclusive economic development.

In just one decade at the top of the Guinean State, Pr Alpha Condé, through his titanic work, has turned all his country's economic indicators to the red:

The economic reforms, marked by an appropriate legal framework, the appeal to investors without favouring nationals, the conquest of energy independence through the Herculean work of building five (05) hydroelectric dams (Kaleta, Souapiti, Amaria, Fomi and Koukoutamba), the asphalting and opening of motorable roads linking the various prefectures of Guinea and the bastions of agricultural production have revived and transformed a once bloodless economy into an example in the sub-region. Thanks to this work, Guinea's growth rate has risen from 3% under President Alpha Condé to 6.5% in 2021. This is an exponential rise in just ten (10) years, with health setbacks such as the Ebola episode in 2013 and the corona virus-19 pandemic in November 2019. On the economic front, there has been a steady flow of investors in the mining, hotel and telecommunications sectors. Pr Alpha Condé has put Guinea on the short list of countries to be glorified during the Fourth Industrial Revolution. For this, President Alpha Condé deserves not just an invitation to the FIEA, but a distinction commensurate with the hard work he has done in Guinea.

Editorial staff: Séthi Khumalo Momo

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