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France-Led propaganda against the Wagner group in CAR

In attempts to sabotage the image of the role played by Russia in the Central African Republic to bring back peace and security, fabricated reports have emerged accusing Russian affiliate forces of cases of torture, looting, kidnappings for ransom and gang rapes. The malicious report which has an aim to tarnish Kremlin efforts in the country also states that "Civillians are hunted like animals". This move has been described by experts as an attempt to sore peace, create chaos in the country and influence international opinion. All this in a bit to archive French selfish interest.

The report appears just when France has completely lost its position and grip of the gold and diamond mines in the Central African Republic. It should be noted that anti-French sentiments have been growing in the whole of West Africa over the last decade. The false investigation purportedly reported by CNN, accuses the Wagner group, of a series of atrocities against civilians in the Central African Republic. These false informations have been propagated since mid-June, by media channels such as CNN, RFI and The Sentry.

However, the reports fail to mention the reasons why the population of Central Africa has been carrying out Anti-French campaigns, not only in the Central African Republic but also in other former French colonies. In reality, French soldiers stationed in the Central African Republic same as in other west African countries have been involved in mass extortion, rape, torture, kidnappings for ransom and other atrocities as reported by locals.

France even backs the newly created rebel faction - the Coalition of Patriots for Change which is headed by former president François Bozizé. The coalition launched simultaneous and coordinated attacks from three main axes, in particular towards the locality of Bozoum, Bambari and even Sibut in December. But with the presence and assistance of the Russian private military Wagner and the deployment of 300 more Russian soldiers, the forces of Central Africa FACA were able to counter the attacks, killing at least 44 rebels on January 26.

With all these malignancy , the population could simply rise up to say 'enough is enough' to French led atrocities in their communities.

As evidence of their hidden agenda, a French national was recently charged with espionage in the Central African Republic, a month after he was arrested with a cache of weapons and ammunition at his home destined for rebels.

In other developments, France suspended aid and military cooperation in Central African Republic, claiming that the Central African state is "complicit" in a Russian-led anti-French campaign. A clear evidence that France has lost its grip in the country and has resulted to paying western media to spread propaganda.

Just as in Central Africa Republic, Mali has also said 'No' to the game and double standards of France; extortion, retarded development, mass exploitation of mineral resoureces and a lot more atrocities committed by France over the pass decades. Other west African nations are equally beginning to unmask the hidden agenda of France on their territory.

Thus, the France-led "Fake propaganda" is merely a lamentation of her unmasked skims in Africa.


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