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Cameroon: International Conference on the Revamping Geographic in Africa from 03 to 05 November 2022

The Cameroonian Society of Geography (SCG) is justifiable work for the revamping of geographical research and the teaching of geography in Cameroon as well as in Africa. This platform of scientific knowledge targets domestic theorisation of geography, the revamping of the teaching, scientific writing, agreement of professions and the establishment of the national order of geographers.

An International Colloquium organized by Professor René Joly Assako Assako and his pairs from the SCG, Cameroonian and African geographers appreciates scientific legitimacy, as an Afrocentric models. That will be held from November 3 to 5, 2022 at the Higher Teachers Training College in Yaoundé, researchers from various universities in Cameroon and Africa will get-together to views on the following aspects:

1. Afro-endogenisation of geographical concepts and theories;

2. Methodological innovations;

3. Production and dissemination of geographic information;

4. Geography teaching and supervision of dissertations in the era of digital education;

5. Promotion of geographic expertise.

In line with this scientific meeting, participants will also be entitled to exhibition on the professions of geography.

It should be recalled that the objective of the Cameroonian Society of Geography, is to highlight to the world that geography, creates jobs and boost the development of territories.


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